Our Changing World

Changing World smallA report recently published by RICS considers what the future holds for them in a world that is constantly changing. Although this report is very much focused on their response to change, it contains some very strong messages for professionals, employers, professional bodies and education providers.

With a 3 – 5 year horizon, the report focuses on the major touch points of change that RICS believe will have a significant impact on the surveying and related built and natural environment professions.

Professionals will need to continuously demonstrate the value they are adding to businesses and improve their skills to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

Organisations must also play their part by investing in human resources, technology and workspaces to meet future challenges and take a holistic approach to these elements, acknowledging the influence they have on each other.

Professional bodies will also need to work in partnership with firms outside their traditional remits to build the necessary skills capacity for their respective sectors.

Higher education providers will be pressed to collaborate more with the industry to produce graduates with the right aptitude and competencies to thrive in these dynamic international workplaces.

The six actions identified by the report are:

  • Winning the war for talent
  • Having ethics at the heart of everything we do
  • Embracing technology and big data
  • Creating successful and sustainable future cities
  • Helping the surveying profession take new opportunities
  • Developing stronger leadership

Each of these is structured around: Goals; Outcomes; Sector wide actions and Actions for professional bodies.

Although of very specific interest to RICS members, this report has some very relevant content for the wider built environment community.

Download your copy here: Our Changing World: let’s be ready