FM Strategy

MCGThe greatest value that facilities management (FM) can contribute to an organisation is at the strategic level. To be fully effective your FM strategy must be aligned with the corporate strategy and other business unit strategies. To ensure that this is achieved, the FM business unit needs to work collaboratively with senior management.

Ideally, your FM strategy should include a number of key components, such as:

  • Management strategy: this defines your facilities management business unit objectives and describes how it operates and how it is structured. Key competency requirements and associated professional development plans should also feature.
  • Performance management strategy: this defines how the performance of the FM business unit will be measured, its approach to continuous improvement and the types of metrics that will be adopted.
  • Support services strategy: this defines the procedures that will ensure that your internal customers are receiving the service their operational needs require. This will be reflected in the most appropriate way of delivering the service with regard to in-house or outsourced resources.
  • Accommodation and workplace strategies: It is essential that your organisation understands its current and future accommodation requirements. This is to ensure that it neither runs out of space nor carries excess space. This strategy informs decisions regarding your property portfolio. It also establishes the organisation’s attitude towards workplace design, specifically in relation to alternative workplace strategies.
  • Maintenance strategies: This strategy responds to a range of factors including: your corporate image, condition and age of your buildings, lease period remaining, etc. Given these variables, it is important to fully understand your assets and to find the most appropriate balance between planned and reactive maintenance.

Although listed as distinct strategies, these are all interlinked and interdependent. Changes in one area of your FM Strategy will more than likely influence changes in another.

FM Scope’s extensive experience in all these areas can help your organisation to achieve improved strategic performance and to increase your strategic influence.

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