FM Contracts

MercerThe success of FM service delivery is influenced at each stage of the life cycle of FM contracts. Getting it right at any of these stages will improve contract performance, but working at every stage will result in almost guaranteed contract success.

  • Contract strategies. Selecting the most appropriate contract strategy and structure for your specific circumstances is critical to the achievement of required flexibility, cost effectiveness and resource efficiency.
  • Service specification. Whilst it is important to structure the legal aspects of the contract, the specification is fundamental to ensuring that your internal customers receive the service they require to support their business functions.
  • Contract tendering. Tendering processes can vary depending on organisational and market circumstances. Adopting the most appropriate approach for your situation will increase the chances of identifying and appointing the best service provider for the job.
  • Contract mobilisation. This stage is often overlooked once the contract has been signed. However it is important that client and service provider contract representatives are properly briefed on the contract requirements and obligations.
  • Contract auditing. After the contract has been operating for some time, it is very easy for deviations from specification to arise and for poor practices to be creep in to service delivery and administration. Regular auditing will ensure that your contracts are being delivered in accordance with requirements.
  • Contract dispute resolution. A robust dispute resolution process can prevent a successful relationship deteriorating to the point of separation. From the start, both parties invest significantly into relationship management. It is therefore essential that potential issues are identified early and the appropriate intervention made.
  • Contract close. This is another stage that is often overlooked and really needs to be dealt with at the start of the relationship. It is inevitable that your contract will come to an end and arrangements need to be made for contract close. This is just as important where you are re-appointing an incumbent service provider.

FM Scope can help you to structure your service contracts and contract life cycle in a way that will most effectively support your internal service delivery.

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