Workplace Management

Excellence Model WheelThe way that people work is changing and momentum is building. In support of this, the workplace needs to become more flexible and be designed to allow workers to do their best work every day.

This means that there needs to be a corresponding change in workplace management, with a change in focus from the traditional responsive building/organisation relationship to providing the technology, tools and spaces that support influential and experiential environments.

Developed in the UK, the Workplace Management Framework is now available in Australia through FM Scope to help organisations achieve the objectives of:

  • defining the management disciplines needed to deliver the effective workplace,
  • maximising the strategic and economic benefit of the workplace to organisations as a business tool,
  • enabling the development of best practice organisational & people capabilities for the management of the workplace
  • measuring the effectiveness of the organisation (internal and external service partners) responsible for delivering the workplace, and
  • communicating clearly the nature, purpose and structures associated with management of the workplace as a professional discipline to senior business leaders.

The framework comprises ten management capabilities that provide a vehicle for determining how well the organisation achieves best practice in the management of its workplace.

Organisations can measure their alignment with the framework’s standards by completing an on-line assessment tool either under the guidance of FM Scope or independently. The key outcome of this assessment is the identification of areas of workplace management that can be improved to better align with the standards.

Workplace Management Framework