The facilities management challenge

Across the wide variety of organisation types in the public and private sectors, the primary facilities management challenge is to ensure that it is recognised as a business critical business function.

All businesses have a diverse range of internal customers and stakeholders. Each of these has a range of differing needs and interests in the way services should be delivered. More often than not, this places FM in an incredibly difficult situation with a wide variety of potential solutions to be considered.

This variety leads to unique solutions for every different circumstance. But all these unique solutions are based on the same fundamental framework of current best practice across a range of management activities.

As a facilities management business unit in a public or private sector organisation, you will find many hurdles along the road of creating optimum service structure and delivery solutions.

In working towards developing and implementing your strategic frameworks, you and your team may be suffering from:

  • Too many operational demands
  • A lack of relevant expertise
  • Inadequate internal recognition

Operational demands

All too often facilities management gets bogged down with the day-to-day operational demands of the organisation. This means that the time you have to consider strategic planning is limited and the full value of FM is severely compromised. You can benefit from the flexibility that an additional external resource can offer.

Relevant expertise

Facilities management demands a broad range of skills related to many technical and management areas. This means that it can be very difficult for you to include all requirements within your team. External resources can plug those skills gaps as and when you need them.

Internal recognition

Many FM business units struggle with achieving the recognition and status they deserve. Taking on an external resource can help you to understand how to improve your situation. It can release you to become more involved in the strategic planning of the business. This will not only make your job easier, but also increase the value that FM brings to the organisation.

In any of these situations, you will benefit from the additional resource from FM Scope.

Aimed at supporting your FM team to focus on what matters, FM Scope provides a range of facilities management services that include: